in Technology

Pixelated Memories

Memories that are merely, just a few pixels on a screen.

Why don’t you just move to the left, the background’s just not right.
I’ll just move over there, there’s a little more light.
A snap in this pose, in that one as well,
Wait a moment, the hair isn’t quite right.

And in these desperate attempts to get that perfect shot,
I was with a live person, I totally forgot.

I could have made memories, I got clicked instead,
I have a digital copy, but nothing in my head.

Try as I may, recollect I cannot,
Like there’s plenty of water, and yet there’s this draught.

I might lose these pictures, and then where be I?
All my memories digitized, I’d have nothing to see.

Instead of posing for a smile, I wish I’d shared one,
And a hug and a kiss and a walk in the sun.

Countless selfies with pouts, and groupies too,
Thousands of pictures yet still no clue.
As to what we’d rather have, actual memories or none?
Shouldn’t we rather take that walk and immortalize our sun

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