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My muddled head

A joke, a cipher, an end, a riddle
too big a question to answer, too small to seek
for the feebleness does none but befuddle,
worried are strong but weak.
the tree asked this once, asked this twice
still life, looked upon the bestowed fate 
neither it flew alight, nor did it see the world, to grow and die
ask the maker ask the man
ask the force who makes us cry
faith over reason, is the virtue
no one knows where or why!

Things change so quickly.
Just when you get used to something, zap! It changes. Just when you get used to staying somewhere, zap! Life makes you move.

Just when you finally begin to understand someone, zap! they change.

Everything is spinning around us- friends, family, lovers.. you wish this were a game and feel like screaming ‘STOP’, looking around, rearranging the order of a few things, placing your near and dear ones a little closer to you and then continuing on.

It’s just insane.. watching the clock, living by appointments and wondering if the minutes, hours, days, weeks and months, years and decades were spent the best way possible.

When you are a child, you believe that you can be anything you want to be, go wherever you want to go and there are no limits. You became an actor now, a scientist next.. you dream of building a house that touches the sky and you dream of sitting on the clouds. t\Then you grow older and that innocence is shattered. The reality of life gets in the way and you get hit by the realization that you cant be what you really wanted to be, that you might have to settle down for a little bit less…
Eventually, we stop believing in ourselves and we let facts and figures rule our lives… we let an hour long test judge our knowledge and sheet of paper sum it up.
We run around with tags on us and race and chase so that we can earn more money, be more successful, more attractive and hopefully be happier in some distant future when we’ve met some superficial target. Will that day ever arrive?
We don’t even know what will happen tomorrow…
What if you die…. what was all of that stress worth?
and afterlife.. is there even an afterlife?
Heck, we don’t even know where we came from or the reason that we exist.

Yet, we have wars that know no ends, battles where nobody wins, we worry about the things we cannot change when all we are is just skin and bones, trained to get along.

What do I make out of this life?

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