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I interviewed Narayan Koirala!

No kidding, there I was, impossibly out of my comfort zone and on center stage.. heart drumming and hands shaking!

Recently, I interviewed Mr. Narayan Koirala; Director of Eminence Ways Pvt. Ltd. at Pokhara’s ‘first’ WordCamp and it was altogether a completely different monster than any of my trivial public speaking experiences.

I interviewed him for our ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ session and the interrogatory session was all about finding inspiration from him; a pioneer in the field of cyber security who has been continuously working to uplift the field of IT security in Nepal for the past 10 years. 

Being a bit of a sociophobe (!) I was extremely nervous. I’m still not quite sure how I mustered the courage to do it, but a huge thanks to everybody for the encouragement, advice, and support. 

Mr. Koirala was honestly was so composed, friendly, engaging,  intelligent, and inspiring. I learned lessons that I think everybody may find useful (or at the very least, interesting). Although I muddled my words somewhat, I think it went reasonably okay. You can watch the presentation below.

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