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Big Splash- Pokhara’s first and only waterpark

While this might be the techno-age, the charm of going around and visiting new places for entertainment still has a charm that gadgets can never replace. Especially, at a place like Pokhara. So last week, we decided to try the unbeatable combination of water, sun, and fun at Big splash- Pokhara’s first and only water park.

Given the temperature that graces our city beautiful city Pokhara for the better part of the year, Big Splash is set against the backdrop of stunning Annapurna Himalayan Range, far away from the hustle, bustle, and heat of the busy city.

Getting There:

Getting there is quite easy. The water park is located just 4.4 kms away from the landmark of Prithvi Chowk and after you beat the heavy traffic of Prithvi Highwaym you’ll find yourself at Khasi bazar. From there, there are street signs at every corner of the dirt road, eventually leading you to Kundahar, where the water paradise is located.


Big Splash provides ample parking space and can accommodate more than 150 two-wheelers and 25 cars so this site, located in a serene environment and constructed on 13 ropani land is ready for the crowd.


Ticketing is hassle-free and clearly priced as per the height of the individual. The tickets which are your day pass allow unlimited use of the pools, slides and all the activities that it offers.

Changing Rooms/Lockers:

Big Splash provides gender-based changing rooms and showers and incase you were wondering about personal lockers to stow your belongings, there are plenty of ample lockers in the changing areas.


Big Splash truly is a summer heaven. It offers a great mixture of water slides for people of all ages from toddlers to adrenaline lovers.

A separate area has been designed, aimed squarely at babies and toddlers which includes attractive sculptures of Disney characters, splash pools, fun sprinklers, fountains and a slide that your kids will love. There’s enough to delight and excite every little one. However, one of the drawbacks might be the difficult time you will have telling your kids that it’s time to go home at the end of the day.

The adult section features two vibrantly colored Straight Slides and a Wave slide, all of which which are made from Fiber Glass and Galvanized Iron Structures ensuring that it’s pretty safe to ride and there’s also the scary Pendulum Slide at the height of 30ft and length of 120 feet where riders glide up and down in a large U shaped slide like a pendulum before coming to a gradual halt. It is a high speed ride with a degree of speed and exhilaration. The slide literally sets your heart throbbing with excitement!

Needless to say, the Pendulum Slide is the most exhilarating ride in the park but whichever slide you choose, every activity that you perform there is definitely worth it.


Thankfully, Big Splash also has a fast-food section to feed our hungry selves.

There’s no need to leave Big Splash in order to refuel. Located inside the premises of the park, the food section at Big Splash has everything you need to fill in your energy and continue your game.

To sum it up, Big Spash with its vibrant surroundings and liveliness is the best place to spend your summer. So pack your swimsuits and get ready to splash.

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